Good to Meet You

What we do

As good friends that work together as a team, we have the freedom to be more creative on your wedding day. We are often complimented on our ability to capture "everything" while not getting in the way at all – we don’t want to be the center of attention at your wedding – that’s your job!  You will often find Tracy focused in a corner doing an artistic still life of your rings, or another sentimental token of your wedding day, while Riva is making friends with your uncles at the reception, capturing great candid family group photos that you never even know happened because you were breaking it down on the dance floor (we also document plenty of your awesome dance moves- don't worry!)

We think that our backgrounds and independent photography have a great influence on our wedding images. We each have our own thriving careers as portrait, editorial, commercial, fine-art and journalistic photographers. This experience keeps us on our toes, and current with trends in the photo industry and culture. We are contemporary, yet not trendy. You’ll be able to look at your wedding photos 20 years from now and not feel that you caved in to the latest fad. Your images will be as timeless as your grandparents’ wedding album.

Why we do it

We want to capture and preserve these memories for you to have forever, as well as making your day flow efficiently and enjoyably.  We are assertive, yet understated.  We are not the photographers making everyone re-stage the important thing that just happened, because we already got it when we were supposed to. 

Enough about us - we want to know more about you!  Who are you looking to spend your wedding day with?  Whose lens do you want to capture your memories of this amazing day?  We hope the answer is us!  If we are a good fit for you, and you appreciate the art of what we do, we would love to chat with you.

Last but not least- congratulations!  No matter whom you choose to be your wedding photographer, we love that you found love.  Your wedding day is only the beginning of a lifetime of memories that you are beginning together.  We hope we can be a small part of helping you build on those years of happiness.

About Tracy

I proudly hail from Ypsilanti, and have lovingly restored the 19th century farmhouse that has been in my family for over 100 years.  I feel so lucky to live on the same land I grew up on - I'm so close to family that it’s just a quick walk down the lane to see them.  I never know what might be sprouting up in my dad’s garden – it’s always a treat to walk back home with farm-fresh treats!  My nieces and nephew live down the road as well, and are a huge part of my life – they call me Cece, and they have influenced my love of children’s portraiture.  I have been capturing all of them with my camera since the day each baby was born.

My family farm has influenced me in many ways, including my love of the outdoors.  Photographing nature is a daily habit for me, as I am surrounded by it.  I am very active in the local Ypsi community, loving its quirks and always supporting local shops, artists, and small businesses.  I have wanderlust and love to travel and document new places – most recently Iceland!  I found my love for photography as a teenager in high school yearbook class and never looked back.

About Riva

I live and work in the city of Detroit, in a home I share with my husband, Chris, and our lovable and energetic toddler, Ethan.  I love being a mom, antiquing, art & design, trying out new recipes, and watching old films.  I am very involved in my historic Detroit neighborhood Greenacres-Woodward, a tight knit, diverse, and active community full of amazing people.

I discovered my love for the magic of photography in the third grade, when I learned to make a pinhole camera from a Quaker Oatmeal box.  Since graduating from CCS, I have exhibited internationally in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo, as well as many group exhibitions in the Detroit art community.  I have curated art exhibits, collaborated with many artists and musicians, and have been published in a variety of music and wedding magazines.  Above all, I thrive on photographing people and telling their stories.


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