About Tracy & Riva Archive

Meet Tracy – I am an Ypsilanti based photographer who specializes in documentary-style weddings, child and family portraits, senior portraits and head shots. By working from my unique farmhouse studio, I am able to offer a relaxed comfortable environment along with a spacious outdoor setting. It is rewarding for me to capture the events or a time in a persons life, by doing this I am able to give back images they will treasure for a lifetime. It is especially important to capture kids as they grow, I discovered that when my niece was born 13 years ago. Her life is very well documented and now I can look back at those photos and cherish the sweet moments. It truly is amazing how quickly they grow! I feel so lucky to live on the same land that I grew up on, with family living close enough to walk to! I enjoy spending time with my awesome nieces and nephew, taking walks with my faithful furry friend Cleo, and hanging out with friends and family. To view my website go to: http://tracygrosshans.com/









Meet Riva – I took my first photo when I was 8 years old. It was with a pinhole camera that I made out of a Quaker Oatmeal box. When I developed the film in the darkroom, I thought it was magic. Since getting my BFA in Photography from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, I have explored many avenues involving art and photography- curating art exhibits, commercial and medical photography, multimedia and sometimes compulsive art projects involving scissors and strange objects. No matter what, I have always been drawn back to photographing people. I thrive on the interaction I have with my subjects. Being able to capture someone’s character and emotion in a photograph is a unique experience, and I feel fortunate to have that opportunity. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping for thrifty and vintage goods, appreciating other people’s art, interior and fashion design, cooking with my husband, and rubbing the bellies of our enormous cats. I also have a fierce loyalty and love for my fair and quirky city, Detroit, which I call home. To view my website go to: http://rivasayegh.com/