About the Artists



We are Tracy & Riva – two modern photographers with timeless photographic style. We love capturing a wedding day as it unfolds, as well as all of the unique details and treasured moments that make for truly special memories. As good friends, we work great together as a team – our styles come together seamlessly, while uniquely our own. We met in the dark corridors of the photo department at CCS – the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, where we each spent countless hours developing photos, and exploring the magical process of exposing silver coated paper to light. Since graduating, we have each developed extensive backgrounds in portraiture, fine-art, photojournalism, editorial, and commercial photography.

As two independent photographers with our own businesses, we decided to join forces, combine our strengths, and re-brand as Tracy & Riva to shoot weddings together as a team. We think your wedding will be documented more creatively and completely with two equally talented photographers. We are often complimented on our ability to capture “everything” while not getting in the way at all – we don’t want to be the center of attention at your wedding – that’s your job! You will often find Tracy focused in a corner doing an artistic still life of your rings, or another sentimental token of your wedding day, while Riva is making friends with your uncles at the reception, capturing great candid family group photos that you never even know happened because you were breaking it down on the dance floor (we also document plenty of your awesome dance moves- don’t worry!)

We want to capture these memories for you to have forever, as well as making all of the priority photos happen as efficiently as possible. We are assertive, yet understated. We are not the photographers making everyone re-stage the important thing that just happened, because we already got it when we were supposed to.

Enough about us- we want to know more about you! Who are you looking to spend your wedding day with? Whose lens do you want to capture your memories of this amazing day? We hope the answer is us! If we are a good fit for you, and you appreciate the art of what we do, we want to chat with you.

Last but not least- congratulations! No matter whom you choose to be your wedding photographer, we love that you found love. Your wedding day is only the beginning of a lifetime of memories that you will begin to build together. We hope we can be a small part of helping you build on those years of happiness.


A little bit more about each of us

Tracy proudly hails from Ypsilanti, and has lovingly restored the 19th century farmhouse that has been in her family for over 100 years. She feels so lucky to live on the same land she grew up on. She and her faithful and furry friend Cleo take frequent walks up the lane and through the woods to chat and cook with her mom and grandma, and get gardening tips from her dad, who still farms the land. Her nieces and nephew live down the road as well, and are a huge part of her life – they call her Cece, and they have influenced her love of children’s portraiture. She has been capturing all of them with her camera since they were born.

The family farm has influenced her in many ways, including her love of the outdoors. Photographing nature is a daily habit for her, as she is surrounded by it. She is very active in the local Ypsi community, loving its quirks and always supporting local shops, artists, and small businesses. She found her love for photography as a teenager in high school yearbook class.


Riva lives and works in the city of Detroit, in a home she shares with her husband, Chris, and two gigantic cats (no special breeds, they just like to eat and nap, in that order). In her spare time, she has a passion for antiquing, she is an art and design enthusiast, and an exhibiting artist. She loves cooking, watching old films, reading, and is very involved in her historic Detroit neighborhood Greenacres-Woodward, a very tight knit, diverse, and active community full of amazing people.

She discovered her love for the magic of photography in the third grade, when she learned to make a pinhole camera from a Quaker Oatmeal box. Since graduating from CCS, she has exhibited internationally in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo, as well as many group exhibitions in the Detroit art community. She has curated art exhibits, collaborated with many other artists and musicians, been published in various music and wedding magazines, and above all, thrives on photographing people and their stories.